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Vaccination Rates Slow in the U.S.: What’s Behind Vaccine Hesitancy?

If getting vaccinated can protect you, your friends and family, and maybe even the...

World Perspectives: Capitalist System Faces Political and Social Upheavals

The underlying crisis of world capitalism has, as we predicted, significantly deteriorated in the...

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Climate Talks: 25 Years of Hot Air

For 25 years, establishment politicians have talked about tackling global warming – since discussions...

Women’s World Cup Exposes Rampant FIFA Sexism – Organize to Fight Back

We cannot rely on FIFA or the national governing bodies to build the women’s game. Every player and soccer fan should join together against unequal and unfair practices.

End U.S. Middle East Interventions

Only Working People Can Defeat Terror and Oppression Another war with U.S. involvement has started...

Israel’s History of Occupation — Review of Cursed Victory: A History of Israel and the Occupied Territories

Published in Socialism Today, Issue 182, October 2014 The dust is still settling on the most recent...

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