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Republican Party: Enemies of Working People and the Poor

It’s a long way from Abraham Lincoln’s Grand Old Party and the war to...

A Contested Legacy: Ralph Nader’s Challenge to the Two-Party System

The specter of Ralph Nader has haunted the Democratic Party throughout the final months...

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Don’t Waste Your Vote on the Corporate Agenda — Vote for Jill Stein and the Greens

Most progressives will vote for Clinton to keep Trump out of the White House....

Bernie vs. Hillary: What’s A Feminist To Do?

America's Only Elected Female Socialist on Women and the Presidential Race

2016 Presidential Campaign Underway

American Politics in Flux: A Socialist Analysis -- In an increasing wave of social struggle we can see the outlines of new emerging movement of the left in the US.

Mid-Terms Do Not Mean a Turn to the Right in Society

Big Gains for Republicans while Voters Support Progressive Ballot Measures The significant gains made by...

Cantor’s Fall – A Terrifying Prospect for Corporate Politicians

Help us build a working-class, left alternative to the two parties of big business By...

A New Revolt is Coming!

Working people in the US are fed up. After six years of mass unemployment and collosal cuts in education and social programs, we are told a "recovery" is under way.

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