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Capitalism is killing us: it’s destroying our health, our happiness, and our planet. It...

A Marxist Approach to Fighting Oppression

Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia – if we take a broad view of the history...

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The Case for Socialism

Seemingly out of nowhere, over the last few years, socialist ideas swept in from...

Socialism and the Struggle Against Racism

Since the revolt in Ferguson after the killing of Michael Brown a year ago, Black Lives Matter (BLM) has spread nationally and won limited, but important, victories. For the first time in many years, police officers are facing indictment for murdering civilians.

1865: A Revolutionary Turning Point in U.S. History

A Marxist analysis of the U.S. Civil War reveals that not only did it bring about the end of slavery, but it can also truly be described as America's Second Revolution.

International Women’s Day 2014

Fighting austerity and oppression world-wide Clare Doyle (Committee for a Workers’ International) For more than a...

Book Review – It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This: Women and the Struggle for Socialism

Over the last ten years, a lot of books have been written arguing that...

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