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Ten Years Later – The Importance of Occupy Wall Street

September saw the 10th anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, the movement which opened a...

#OccupyFelder Demands Passage of the NY Health Act

Statement from Socialist Alternative Organizers: Mass Mobilization Strategy Needed to Pressure Establishment “We’re protesting Simcha Felder’s...

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Socialist Alternative and Occupy

When Occupy burst on the scene five years ago, it began a wave of...

Five-Year Anniversary: Occupy Opens an Era of Struggle

Eight years ago, Wall Street bet against American families and caused the Great Recession,...

Savage Portrayal of Politics: House of Cards — Season 3 Review

The show’s cynicism and resonance reflect the American public's dashed hopes, the current economic turmoil, a deep mistrust in the political system, and a groundswell of social protest since Occupy.


Clearly Kshama’s not running for national office, nevertheless her race for a City Council seat in Seattle’s 3rd District this year is of truly national importance.

Rebuilding A Fighting Labor Movement: Why the Working Class is Central to Socialism

Figuring out a strategy to change the world requires that we must go deeper in our understanding of inequality, class, and power in society.

Mid-Terms Do Not Mean a Turn to the Right in Society

Big Gains for Republicans while Voters Support Progressive Ballot Measures The significant gains made by...

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