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Billionaires Are Not Our Friends: The Limits of Planet of the Humans

Michael Barker, Leicester Socialist Alternative (ISA in England, Wales, and Scotland) Planet of the Humans...

Defeat “Right to Work”!

Rebuild A Fighting Labor Movement Marty Harrison, Philadelphia The explosive growth of the Wisconsin demonstrations in...

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How to Fight Against Brownback’s Neoliberal Agenda: A View from the Left

Rebuilding a fighting left, based on bold demands like a $15/hour minimum wage and ending Right to Work legislation, is crucial to challenging Brownback’s corporate agenda.

2016 Presidential Campaign Underway

American Politics in Flux: A Socialist Analysis -- In an increasing wave of social struggle we can see the outlines of new emerging movement of the left in the US.

Is Economic Inequality Inevitable? – A Socialist View

Imagine a world of seven billion people in which 85 of the richest individuals own more wealth than the bottom half of humanity combined. Such a world is where we live.

Capitalism’’s Dysfunction: Budget Reckoning Approaches

"“With just days remaining until a cascade of economic events crash onto Washington, the...

Wisconsin Battle at a Crossroads — Step up the Struggle! No Rotten Deal!

The Wisconsin battle has gripped the nation. In a matter of days working people,...

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