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A Contested Legacy: Ralph Nader’s Challenge to the Two-Party System

The specter of Ralph Nader has haunted the Democratic Party throughout the final months...

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Democrats’ First Debate: Sanders Socialist Message Reaches Millions

The most important thing about the Sanders campaign is the enthusiasm it is building for the idea of a political revolution against the billionaire class and the popularizing of socialism.

Iran: Proposed Nuclear Deal Reflects Transformed Middle East

In aftermath of disastrous Iraq occupation, Obama administration balancing between region’s forces If it goes...

Watch Kshama Sawant on Democracy Now

Kshama Sawant talks about Hillary Clinton's candidacy for president.

Torture Report Exposes Brutality of U.S. Foreign Policy

The shock from the official Senate Intelligence Committee report revealing the torture by the...

U.S. Empire Mired in Crisis — Obama Announces Offensive Against ISIS

“If you watch the nightly news, it feels like the world is falling apart,”...

Northwest Socialist Conference a Big Success — Over 140 People Discuss Socialist Politics

The Northwest Socialism Conference, held Saturday, May 8th at Seattle University, marked a big...

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