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France: Low Turnout in First Round of Parliamentary Election Belies Strength of Macron’s Victory

Amid the trumpeting about a massive vote for the party of the new President,...

France: Groundswell of Support for Left Candidates in Presidential Race

Old Political Elite Discredited The presidential election in France is gathering pace and has become...

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France: Counter-Terrorist Threat with Worker-Led Mass Unity

The shocking, cold blooded slaughter at Charlie Hebdo, and more killings in subsequent days,...

France: Deadly Attack on Satirical Paper Charlie Hebdo

Statement by Gauche Revolutionnaire (sister organization of Socialist Alternative in France) on the mass demonstrations throughout the nation

France: A Major Trial of Strength Between the Classes —- Millions of Workers and Youth Want an End to the Sarkozy “Dictatorship”

Analysis and report from Clare Doyle (CWI Secretariat) recently in Paris and Rouen, discussing...

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