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Paris Climate Summit: Save Our Planet From Capitalism!

Regardless of the outcome of the Paris talks, we cannot rely on the capitalist world leaders to solve the climate crisis. That task is up to us. The failed climate talks in Kyoto, Copenhagen, and Paris are only one side of the fight against climate change.

2016 Presidential Campaign Underway

American Politics in Flux: A Socialist Analysis -- In an increasing wave of social struggle we can see the outlines of new emerging movement of the left in the US.

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California Water Crisis Requires Systemic Change

It barely rains in California anymore.  In the face of an historic drought, Democratic...

We Have a World to Win: Fight Climate Change, Challenge Capitalism

To stop climate change we need to win over the majority of working people to a socialist alternative.

Keystone XL On the Brink of Defeat – Build a Mass Movement for Climate Justice

The announcement that President Obama plans to veto a “Republican-backed” bill approving the KXL...

Interview With an Organizer Against the Gas Pipeline in Boston

Jack Zhang interviewed Seamus Whelan, a leader in the campaign to Stop the West...

Kshama Sawant Gives #SocialistResponse to Obama’s State of the Union Address

On January 20, 2015 Socialist Alternative member and Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant gave...

Market forces hold back renewable energy

Pete Dickinson is a member of the Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales) Have...

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