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Missing the Point of Corbyn’s Rise

Corbyn: the strange rebirth of radical politics By Richard Seymour Published by Verso Books, 2017, $16.95 Reviewed by...

Britain’s Earthquake Election: Consolidating the Corbyn Revolution

In April Theresa May called a snap general election with the Tories 20 points...

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Britain: The Corbyn insurgency 2.0

Now let’s finish the job Hannah Sell, Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales) Jeremy Corbyn...

Corbyn Challenge in Britain — A Very Welcome Political Upheaval

As the Labour Party prepares to send out ballots for its leadership contest, The Socialist asked Judy Beishon some questions on the Socialist Party’s view of Jeremy Corbyn’s challenge so far.

After Weeks of Mass Slaughter in Gaza, IDF Forces ‘Withdraw’

What is the role of imperialism in the conflict? by Niall Mulholland, from articles in...

European Union Elections: A Revolt Against the Capitalist Establishment

Gains for the far right but some successes for genuine Left by Peter Taaffe, General...

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