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#MillionStudentMarch Day of Action April 13: Political Revolution in the Streets

On November 12, the first #MillionStudentMarch took place on campuses across the United States....

South Africa: Students rise up against class apartheid

ANC leadership shaken by electrifying ten days Weizmann Hamilton, Workers and Socialist Party In the biggest...

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Why We Need Free Public Higher Education Now

Like the struggle to win a $15 an hour minimum wage, the movement for free public higher education in the United States has gained significant momentum over the past two years.

Bernie Sanders Calls For Free College Tuition: What’s It Going to Take to Win?

On May 16th, Bernie Sanders introduced legislation to Congress to make all public colleges and universities tuition-free. This is a welcome measure, but it has zero chance of passing through Congress

The Corinthian 15: Standing Against Student Debt

We in the United States are trapped in a viscous cycle when it comes...

Western Washington University Students Organize for Reduced Tuition

For many young people in America, higher education is seen as the only path...

Education Should Not Be a Debt Sentence

Langston Hughes once asked, “What happens to a dream deferred?” Does it follow you...

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