Socialist Alternative Caucus

Socialists face enormous challenges and opportunities in the years ahead. 2022 alone will provide immense tests for the socialist left, and Socialist Alternative wants to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with DSA comrades in these looming battles as we debate the way forward to victory.

The Socialist Alternative Caucus aims to put forward the case for a DSA in 2022 that runs its candidates independently of the Democratic Party, that takes the initiative to build a coordinated movement to defend abortion rights, and that intervenes in the labor movement with a class struggle approach that aims our fire squarely at the bosses and exposes union leaders who have a sellout approach. What is needed is a DSA that actively engages with movements as they develop in society, with a left, pro-working class program that connects workers’ and youth’s day-to-day demands to the need for socialist transformation.

Julia Salazar Gives Left Cover to NYCHA Privatization: How to Address DSA’s Accountability Crisis?

NY State Senator Julia Salazar has come under fire from Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the organization she’s a member of and affiliates with...

DSA Leadership Dissolves BDS Working Group: DSA in Crisis

Dual members of Socialist Alternative and DSA condemn the decision of the National Political Committee (NPC) to dissolve the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) and...
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