Socialist Alternative

Socialist Alternative Caucus

Socialists face enormous challenges and opportunities in the years ahead. 2022 alone will provide immense tests for the socialist left, and Socialist Alternative wants to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with DSA comrades in these looming battles as we debate the way forward to victory.

The Socialist Alternative Caucus aims to put forward the case for a DSA in 2022 that runs its candidates independently of the Democratic Party, that takes the initiative to build a coordinated movement to defend abortion rights, and that intervenes in the labor movement with a class struggle approach that aims our fire squarely at the bosses and exposes union leaders who have a sellout approach. What is needed is a DSA that actively engages with movements as they develop in society, with a left, pro-working class program that connects workers’ and youth’s day-to-day demands to the need for socialist transformation.

Julia Salazar Gives Left Cover to NYCHA Privatization: How to Address DSA’s Accountability Crisis?

NY State Senator Julia Salazar has come under fire from Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the organization she’s a member of and affiliates with...

DSA Leadership Dissolves BDS Working Group: DSA in Crisis

Dual members of Socialist Alternative and DSA condemn the decision of the National Political Committee (NPC) to dissolve the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) and...
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