Fundraiser for Oakland Teachers Strike Fund Hosted By Socialist Alternative


Oakland Teachers are strike ready. Last Friday they voted to approve the strike with 95% in favor with an 84% turnout. Wildcat strikes and student walkouts have already begun, showing the uncontainable support from teachers and students. Teachers, parents, and community members are making preparations at their schoolsites. Not only are Oakland teachers are ready to strike, but parents and the community have their back.

Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell is saying Oaklanders need to tighten their belts just one more notch by “reinvesting in a smaller number of district-run schools” and “building relationships with charters” but this is just nice words for closing our schools and handing them over to the billionaires. There’s no more notches left to go down and Oakland is fighting back.

Last weekend Oakland Socialist Alternative held a fundraiser with teachers and parents to raise money for the upcoming strike hardship fund. Teachers may have to go without pay for up to several weeks or more in their battle with the district and school board. The stronger the support behind them, the longer and more powerful this strike can be!

Speakers included:

  • Boots Riley, Rapper and director of Sorry to Bother You
  • Jeff Rector, Teacher at Skyline High School
  • Silvia Ornela, Parent at Roots International Academy which the school board just voted to close
  • Sara Cobb, Straight from the LA teacher’s strike with Socialist Alternative
  • Rob Rooke, Parent at Skyline High and member of Socialist Alternative

We raised upwards of $5,000 that night!

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