Shocking video of a trade unionist being slammed to the ground by university police was captured today, sparking calls for a rally at UC Berkeley until the worker is released.

I just saw an AFSCME Local 3299 worker peacefully protesting for a labor contract slammed by police at Cal Berkeley campus. What a sick feeling. #IAMCOLEANDWALKER #IAM2018 AFSCME 3299UPDATE: If anyone seeing this has more footage, especially of the car or surrounding events, PLEASE email Liz Perlman at Send her the footage ASAP and please sign this petition in support of David Cole! Thank you!

Posted by Paul Darwin Picklesimer on Thursday, February 1, 2018

Pickets occurred at all University of California (UC) campuses today to coincide with AFSCME 3299’s, which represents service workers,  ongoing contract negotiations with the administration. David Cole, a housing- and dining-services employee, was picketing with co-workers at UC Berkeley. The video shows three UCPD officers body slam Cole onto the asphalt. It is unclear how the confrontation started.

AFSCME 3299 workers were picketing to fight for fair wages and benefits, which the University of California Regents are attacking. The universities proposal for 0% wage increases is an insult to the dignity of workers, all while Regents and upper-management enjoy lavish raises and bonuses. The union is also demanding increase protections for the undocumented community among other social-justice demands.

The video highlights the real role of the UCPD. As in wider society, the role of university police is to protect those in power and to persecute effective resistance. This is not an isolated incident, but rather part of a long history of UCPD brutality.