Kshama Sawant on Democracy Now! $15 Victory in Seattle


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“15 in Seattle is only the beginning. We have an entire world to win.”
– Socialist Alternative City Councilmember Kshama Sawant’s closing remark as the Seattle City Council voted unanimously for the nation’s first $15 an hour minimum wage


The scale of the $15/hour minimum wage victory in Seattle is truly colossal. It’s estimated this will result in a $3 billion dollar transfer of wealth from society’s richest to the poorest, lifting 25% of Seattle’s workforce out of poverty.

This victory is proof that when working people organize into a grassroots movement, we can wrestle concessions from big business. Even with some corporate loopholes in the deal – which could have been defeated with a stronger movement – the message is clear. We can take on big business and win!

Donate $15 today!

To win 15 in Seattle, it took a gigantic fundraising effort. We spent over $150,000 on leaflets, signs, banners, office space, and of course tireless organizers. We aim to raise $150,000 this June to help build viable campaigns across the country.

With over 30 chapters, 15 Now is spreading across the country like a prairie fire. From putting $15 on the ballot in Boston to pushing efforts forward in Chicago, the Bay Area, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia – 15 Now is a leading force in the struggle against the great scourge of our time – inequality.

Please become a monthly contributor by donating at least $15 a month at 15now.org. Please dig deep to help fund the movement. And please share this appeal with others.

In Solidarity,

Jess Spear, 15 Now Organizing Director
Jesse Lessinger, 15 Now National Organizer

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