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“This will serve as our megaphone that will amplify our demands so that they ring loud and clear. We need 15, we deserve 15, and if you want to continue to represent us, you need to deliver a full 15.”

This week Charter Amendment 20 (like a ballot initiative, but stronger) was filed for a $15/hour minimum wage in Seattle! This will greatly increase the pressure on the politicians to deliver a real $15 wage with no deductions. Frustratingly, we’ve seen politicians backpedal time and time again on delivering on our demands for progressive change, so we need the safety net of putting $15 to a vote in November.

We need you. The huge effort of gathering a minimum of 30,000 valid signatures to get the Amendment on the ballot can only be accomplished with the full power of our grassroots campaign.

Vote 15 Now has the goal of raising $25,000 by the time we start collecting signatures, so please, make a donation today.

Big business is already organizing their forces to attack $15. OneSeattle, backed by the likes of Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, and others, are pouring money into a war chest to water down a $15/hour wage through a campaign of lies, by using tipped workers and small business to ensure their record profits. They will undoubtedly spend millions in attack ads, hire lawyers to battle us in the courts, and pressure politicians to undermine a real $15/hour wage.

We can overcome the hurdles big business will throw up in our way through a mass campaign of working people hitting the streets, knocking on doors, and gathering the needed signatures.

This will take money and grassroots power. This means we need you to get involved!

Want to volunteer and help collect signatures? Register for the National 15 Now Conference on April 26 where we, the movement for $15/hour, will democratically decide whether to launch our mass signature gathering campaign to apply maximum pressure on the politicians to deliver. The bigger and stronger the conference, the more powerful our campaign, so register today.

If you can’t attend the conference but still want to sign up to volunteer, click here.

Now is the time to join the fight for 15!

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