Letter: Seattle Metro Ignores Law That Supports Older Americans

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Dear Justice,

Metro [the Seattle public bus system] and the County Council set the senior pass rate at 65, instead of 60 as Public Law 106-501 [the federal Older Americans Act of 2000] states.

I have brought this to the attention of the Mayor, Metro, the County Council, the City Council, McDermott, Patty Murray, and Maria Cantwell! So far nothing has been done and I see I need more people to tell them what we think about this.

Aging in America to these people is: use your savings, sell your home due to tax increases, go on welfare, then go to a retirement home where you get bedsores etc – and pray to die. The old are invisible to most people. Aging is America’s worst fear.

Please … let these people know they can not get away with doing this.

The benefits at Metro are given to people who have the money to pay their own fare. Corporations get passes at discounts to be given to people who do not even need them. People in their sixties pay $54 a month for a peak pass. The old and the poor have been priced out of using the bus. Public means just that – public. All segments of society.

You can call King County Metro at (800) 325-6165 or email [email protected]

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