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Thousands of Nameless and Faceless Heroes: The History of the Trotskyist Left Opposition

On August 20, 1940, Lev Davidovich (Leon) Trotsky was brutally murdered by one of...

No Surprises in Greek General Election

SYRIZA responsible for ND’s return Slightly edited editorial comment by Xekinima (CWI in Greece), published...

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The Rise and Fall of Syriza

On 5 July 2015 a historic referendum took place in Greece against the European...

Greece: 20 September elections – ‘No’ to the Memorandum parties!

Mass revolutionary Left needed to find way out of crisis of capitalist system

“La clase obrera demostró que volverá a la lucha”: Entrevista con un socialista griego

Después de la capitulación de Syriza, dando los primeros pasos hacia la construcción de...

New Left formations

CWI School 2015: Report of discussion on New Workers’ Parties, Left Populism and the ideas and program of PODEMOS, SYRIZA

Mass Non-Payment Campaign Transforms Irish Political Landscape

57% refuse to pay hated water charge Cillian Gillespie, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) In the...

“The Working Class Showed it Will Return to Struggle”: Interview with a Greek Socialist

After Syriza capitulates, taking first steps towards building a new mass Left alternative to...

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