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The Rise and Fall of Syriza

On 5 July 2015 a historic referendum took place in Greece against the European...

10 Books That Shook the World: The Transitional Program

The Transitional Program, by Leon Trotsky Capitalism is facing a crisis of legitimacy. We’re given war,...

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Report from Socialist Alternative at the “Moral March” in North Carolina

This past Saturday, tens of thousands of workers, activists and youth from across the...

How a Socialist Won – Lessons from Kshama Sawant’s Historic Victory

In a huge political upset, Sawant’s victory sent shockwaves through the political establishment and even around the globe. Sawant is the first independent socialist elected in a major U.S. city in decades. Her historic breakthrough was covered by every major newspaper in the country, major TV stations, and newspapers around the world.

Book Review: North Star: A Memoir, by Peter Camejo

Peter Camejo was a well-known political activist from his work in the Vietnam anti-war...

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