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A Socialist World Is Possible: What is Socialism, and How Could We Win It?

Record inequality, crippling debt, a devastating pandemic, unfulfilling and unsafe jobs, discrimination and abuse,...

“Spurn the Dust to Win the Prize” — Anniversary of the Paris Commune

Harper Cleves, Socialist Party (ISA in Ireland) 150 years ago this month, history was made...

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What’s the Difference Between Socialist Alternative and DSA?

Many people new to the socialist movement may wonder: What are the differences between...

In Defense of Marxism, 80 Years On

Leon Trotsky’s In Defense of Marxism is a book every Marxist needs to study....

Review: Lenin’s revolutionary legacy

‘Lenin’ by Lars T Lih In an attempt to answer the description of Lenin by...

Fourth International Launched 75 Years Ago

Marxists in the 1930s were compelled to draw far-reaching political conclusions following huge defeats of the working class.

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