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Public Sector Under Attack: Tax the Rich and Corporations to Fully Fund Public Services

State and local politicians around the country are telling us we need to “tighten...

Côte d’Ivoire: Social Revolts Shake Ouattara Regime

Public sector strike and soldiers’ mutiny expose reality behind “economic growth” Militant Côte d’Ivoire (CWI...

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Teachers in Seattle demand better wages and high-quality education for all

In a time when public education and teachers’ unions are under attack nationwide from “right to work (for less)” legislation and attacks brought to the U.S. Supreme Court, educators and paraprofessionals in the Seattle Public Schools are taking a stand against an unresponsive district and a malfeasant state legislature.

Public Workers Unite! — Coalition Emerges in Chicago

On October 31, sixty-five activists met at a Chicago union hall to discuss the...

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