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From the First “Pink Tide” to the Second: What Lessons for Today?

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, propelled by mass movements of the working...

Brazil: Perspective for the Resistance to Bolsonaro

em português Jair Bolsonaro's Brazil is a country that is going backwards in all respects....

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World Perspectives: Capitalist System Faces Political and Social Upheavals

The underlying crisis of world capitalism has, as we predicted, significantly deteriorated in the...

Brazil: PSOL Councillor Marielle Franco Murdered in Rio de Janeiro

From mourning to struggle On 14 March, Marielle Franco, a veteran member of PSOL in...

Brazil: Lula Conviction Confirmed

For unity in the struggle against attacks without stopping to build a new Left...

New Left formations

CWI School 2015: Report of discussion on New Workers’ Parties, Left Populism and the ideas and program of PODEMOS, SYRIZA

Brazilian Homeless Struggle and Metro Strike Heat Up As World Cup Approaches

New Stage of the Class Struggle André Ferrari, LSR (CWI in Brazil) In the context of...

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