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Middle East Counter-Revolution

A new book offers important insights into the role played by Middle Eastern states...

Turkey: Double bombing at Ankara peace demonstration massacres over 100

A general strike, by bringing together the Kurdish and Turkish people to fight in a united way, is the best response to Erdoğan and his ruling clique’s attempts to use the blood of working people to divide-and-rule and enhance their power.

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Turkey: Historical Breakthrough for the Left as AKP Suffers its Worst Defeat in 13 Years

On election night, many left and Kurdish activists rallied and celebrated. The left, pro-Kurdish "Democratic Party of the People" (HDP) has won enough votes to enter Parliament.

Kurdistan: Battle for Kobane at a Crossroads

What does US military ‘assistance’ mean for the Kurdish struggle? Serge Jordan, CWI The situation in...

Kurdistan: The Battle for Kobane

Regional war poses new challenges for struggle for Kurdish self-determination Serge Jordan, CWI Every day brings...

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