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Greece: “Guilty” — Golden Dawn Verdict a Victory for the Anti-Fascist Movement and Working Class

Andros Payiatsos, Xekinima (ISA in Greece) October 7 is a day of historical importance for...

Sweden: “Who could believe it?”

What is behind Trump's attack? Per-Åke Westerlund, Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (CWI Sweden) "You see what happened last...

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Ukraine: Competing ’Elections’ Deepen Divisions

Working people need socialist alternative to warring oligarchs and outside powers Rob Jones, CWI Moscow It...

Gaza in Crisis

Mass action needed to stop bloodshed Shahar Benhorin, Socialist Struggle Movement (CWI in Israel-Palestine) Whole families...

European Union Elections: A Revolt Against the Capitalist Establishment

Gains for the far right but some successes for genuine Left by Peter Taaffe, General...

Ukraine: President Yanukovich Makes Major Concessions to Opposition

A violent stand-off between protesters and riot police continues in Kiev, with unrest spreading to more than a dozen regional centres in other parts of Ukraine. Over the last week, crowds stormed and occupied administrative buildings in Lviv, Lutskthe and elsewhere in the west of the country. The protests have even spread to the east and south, which are traditionally Russian-speaking strongholds of President Viktor Yanukovich‘s Party of the Regions.

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