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Peace Torpedoed over Hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean

No to nationalism, no to war, no to Natural Gas drillings! Joint statement by Xekinima,...

Oppose Israeli Government’s Annexation Threat in the Occupied West Bank

Shahar Benhorin, Socialist Struggle Movement (ISA in Israel-Palestine) Starting on July 1, the new Israeli...

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Turkey: Historical Breakthrough for the Left as AKP Suffers its Worst Defeat in 13 Years

On election night, many left and Kurdish activists rallied and celebrated. The left, pro-Kurdish "Democratic Party of the People" (HDP) has won enough votes to enter Parliament.

Netanyahu Government Fuels Wave of Protest in Israel

Extracts and updates from a series of articles on the website of Socialist Struggle...

Modi’s Victory in Indian Election

Celebrations by big business a warning to working class A week ago today, it became...

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