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Natural Disasters Don’t Kill Equally

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake rocked the Moroccan province of Al Haouz last month, destroying...

10 Years of Revolution in the Arab World: Faded Spring?

Sebastian Rave, SAV (ISA in Germany) Like dominoes, the regimes fell in a huge revolutionary...

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Coronavirus in Africa: Capitalism Driving a Continent Into the Abyss

Serge Jordan, ISA The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the profound social inequalities...

World Perspectives: Capitalist System Faces Political and Social Upheavals

The underlying crisis of world capitalism has, as we predicted, significantly deteriorated in the...

Five years on from the “Arab Spring”

The “Arab Spring” revolutionary wave brought dictators in Tunisia and Egypt crashing down. It...

Bernie vs. Hillary: What’s A Feminist To Do?

America's Only Elected Female Socialist on Women and the Presidential Race

Refugee Crisis: Defend the Right to Asylum

Unite against austerity and struggle for a better life for all

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