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Turkey: President Erdogan Seeks Dictatorial Powers in April Referendum

Vote "NO" Gains Momentum If the referendum called by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government...

Syria: Is an End to the War in Sight?

New Movements for Change Will Need to Arm Themselves with the Lessons of the...

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France: Horror in Paris

We are saddened and pained by the destruction of so many innocent lives. But we draw from these events all the more anger and determination to tolerate this inhuman system and the chaos it creates no longer.

Turkey: Double bombing at Ankara peace demonstration massacres over 100

A general strike, by bringing together the Kurdish and Turkish people to fight in a united way, is the best response to Erdoğan and his ruling clique’s attempts to use the blood of working people to divide-and-rule and enhance their power.

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