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Direct Action Or Mass Protests? How Best To Fight Against Capitalist Climate Destruction

In light of the exacerbating climate crisis and absolute inaction of capitalist governments, the...

Biden: Defend Abortion Rights! Boston Socialist Feminists Rally Inside the Federal Building

Emilia Morgan is a member of Boston Socialist Alternative. Across all our social media,...

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The Revolutionary Legacy of Science for the People

Earth Day of 2017 saw the first March for Science, the biggest coordinated demonstrations...

Lessons from the British Anti-Austerity Movement

Mass protests against Donald Trump in the US have revived many questions around building...

Paris Climate Summit: Save Our Planet From Capitalism!

Regardless of the outcome of the Paris talks, we cannot rely on the capitalist world leaders to solve the climate crisis. That task is up to us. The failed climate talks in Kyoto, Copenhagen, and Paris are only one side of the fight against climate change.

We Have a World to Win: Fight Climate Change, Challenge Capitalism

To stop climate change we need to win over the majority of working people to a socialist alternative.

2,000 Join Seattle’s People’s Climate March — Oil train engine successfully blockaded!

The march ended with hundreds successfully blocking train tracks where Jess Spear, Socialist Alternative candidate for the 43rd district for WA state legislator afterwards declared: "People power forced this BNSF train to retreat - we will stop these oil and coal trains putting downtown Seattle in danger and contributing to the global climate disaster."

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