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Committee for a Workers International School Report

Socialist Alternative is connected in political solidarity to the broad, cross-border movement for a...

Germany: Violent Far Right Demonstrations in Chemnitz

Steve Kühne, Dresden The pictures were shocking: Over five thousand rightists move through the city...

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Germany: 76,000 Protest Against G20 Summit

Angelika Teweleit, Sozialistische Alternative (SAV – CWI in Germany) Police intimidation could not deter mass...

Europe in the Aftermath of the Brexit Shock

Report from the CWI School Brexit provided the dramatic backdrop to the discussion on Europe...

New Left formations

CWI School 2015: Report of discussion on New Workers’ Parties, Left Populism and the ideas and program of PODEMOS, SYRIZA

Largest­ Left Forum Ever Features Kshama Sawant and 15 Now Victories

Organizers announced that up to 6,000 people participated in this year’s Left Forum in...

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