All Out For Protests at COP26!

TOPSHOT - A picture taken on November 30, 2019 shows a view of the Jaenschwalde Power Station near Peitz, eastern Germany. - The third-largest brown coal power plant in Germany was built between 1976 and 1988 in the GDR and is operated by the Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG (LEAG). (Photo by John MACDOUGALL / AFP) (Photo by JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP via Getty Images)

From October 31 to November 12, the United Nations will be hosting COP26 (Congress of the Parties) in Glasgow, with the goal of alleviating the most destructive effects of the climate crisis. With a long list of corporate donors, many of whom bear direct responsibility for the crisis we are now facing, COP26 is looking to be a gathering of monied interests seeking to solve climate change without making too significant of a sacrifice to their wallets. Per the official COP26 website, one of the conference’s primary goals is to “mobilize finance” towards a solution to one of capitalism’s most devastating catastrophes.

To combat the limited imagination of a capitalist response to one of the greatest threats to humanity, International Socialist Alternative (ISA) will be mobilizing hundreds of members from many countries including the U.S. to Glasgow to participate in mass protests. ISA intends to point the conversation towards a socialist solution to climate change. It is evident that the situation we find ourselves in now is an example of capitalism in crisis, and as such, capitalism is not equipped to save itself.

In the ISA, we see the only permanent solution to the climate crisis as a rapid transition to a democratically planned, socialist society. This will require bringing energy companies and all polluting industries into public ownership and instituting democratic planning by the working class itself of resources for society as a whole. Without the combined effort of the socialist movement domestically and internationally to bring these solutions to working people, the goal of putting these plans into action will remain an uphill battle. This makes COP26 an excellent opportunity to draw the attention of workers towards a real, clearly stated alternative to the conference’s proposed solutions. As we approach the point of no return, it is crucial that we mobilize a mass movement to take the power away from those who have caused the climate crisis: the capitalist class.

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