We need to continue the political revolution and build the socialist movement! Socialist Alternative will be present at rallies, discussions and protests surrounding the DNC from Saturday, July 23 to Thursday, July 28. We’ll be out in the streets literally every day and in meetings and forums to discuss and debate strategy every night.

Along with Occupy Wall Street, Socialist Alternative is urging Sanders delegates to walk out of the DNC and join us in fighting for independent mass movements and a political force that truly represents working people.

Kshama Sawant, Seattle’s socialist City Councilmember, will be speaking at two key events: a Socialist Alternative public meeting on the evening Sunday, July 24. The topic will be “Beyond Bernie: We Need a Party of the 99%!” and is cosponsored by Stadium Stompers. This meeting will be held beginning at 6:30pm at Church of the Advocate at the intersection of 18th and Diamond St.

We’ll be demonstrating by day and strategizing by night at the Socialist Convergence from Monday to Thursday. Kshama Sawant will be speaking at the closing plenary on Thursday evening at 5:30pm. See the full schedule of events at socialists.us, including the Wednesday night meeting with Jill Stein and Chris Hedges.

If you live in Philly or are visiting for these events, you’ll be able to find us marching, chanting, discussing and selling our newspaper at all the key rallies and discussions. Come meet with us and get organized to continue the political revolution and fight for a socialist future. We’ll be reporting on the events surrounding the DNC here at SocialistAlternative.org.