5 Videos from #March4Bernie

Boston Video 1: March for Bernie

This is a fascinating video from Boston’s spirited March for Bernie on the first National Day of Marches for Bernie on January 23, 2016. Elan Axelbank speaks about how we can use the enormous energy around Bernie Sanders’ campaign to build a mass movement against inequality and an independent party of the 99%.
(7 min, 42 seconds)

Seattle Video: March for Bernie

This is an inspiring video of Seattle’s March for Bernie during the first National Day of Marches for Bernie on January 23, 2016.  Jess Spear speaks with an energetic audience about the very positive demands in Bernie’s platform, such as a $15 minimum wage, and what kind of movement we need to win those demands.  Many of the people at march had never been active before – this was their first political event and first time marching in the streets.  This video shows that there is a significant space to organize Bernie supporters independent of the corporate-controlled Democratic Party.
(4 min, 52 seconds)

Boston Video 2: March for Bernie – “How do I join Socialist Alternative?”

Elan Axelbank leads Boston March for Bernie in a “mic-check.”

(45 seconds)
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