Dear Friends,

You may have already heard about our campaign in Seattle, but I’m not the only socialist running this fall. I’m very excited to tell you about a powerful grassroots coalition that’s coming together in Minneapolis to put Socialist Alternative candidate Ty Moore onto City Council.

Backed by the 30,000-strong SEIU Minnesota State Council, the Green Party, Latino community leaders, and Occupy activists, the Ty Moore campaign has the momentum to win, upsetting the Democratic Party’s 35-year stranglehold on city politics. But to do this we need your support.

The Vice President of SEIU Local 26, Harrison Bullard, recently announced that “Ty Moore may have been the most impressive candidate we screened… He has marched with us in subzero temperatures and stood on the picket line in support of low-wage workers. Ty is for real. He’s about the people.”

Getting a real working-class fighter and socialist elected to city council in a major U.S. city would be an historic breakthrough not seen in decades. But we can only win this race with your help.

The Ty Moore campaign has already raised $20,000 just trailing the Democratic Party’s candidate. But we need to raise a total of $50,000in order to reach voters with our bold message that is clearly resonating with working people.

Ty’s campaign is calling for a moratorium on foreclosures, a $15/hr minimum wage, taxing the rich to provide full funding for education and transit, and an end to deportations and workplace repression of undocumented immigrants. This campaign is openly taking on the entrenched corporate interests that dominate city government.

I can’t think of any time in recent memory where there was such an incredible openness to socialism and independent left challenges to the two corporate parties. Just imagine how inspiring it will be for all of us to see that it’s possible to elect a socialist in the United States of America.

So I’m asking you to donate today. Together, we can make history in Minneapolis.

In Solidarity,
Kshama Sawant

Socialist Alternative Candidate
for Seattle City Council





The legal limit for donations to Minneapolis City Council races is $300 for individuals and $600 per couple.