We Need Your Help — Fund the Fight for Socialism


Every day, Bush and other politicians attack working people’s living standards – from restrictions on women’s abortion rights to spending billions of our tax-dollars on sending our friends and loved ones off to die in the brutal, colonial occupation of Iraq.

We urgently need to build a mass movement against these corporate assaults. Currently, Socialist Alternative is leading several campaigns to defend the jobs, working conditions, and public services of working-class people. At Harvard University, we initiated a campaign against layoffs of workers at the wealthiest university in the world. At the University of Minnesota, we are organizing against tuition hikes to defend working-class students’ access to education. In Seattle, we launched a unionization drive among low-paid, fast-food workers.

Unfortunately, financing these struggles requires money. We need donations to pay for printing fliers and educational materials, renting PA equipment for rallies, and buying materials to make signs and banners. Since we have no wealthy sponsors, we rely entirely on the donations and active support of workers and young people like you. Any donation you can contribute helps, whether it’s $5, $20, $100 or even $500 if you can.

Another way you can support our work is by getting a subscription to this newspaper, Justice, which also makes a wonderful holiday gift.

Since Socialist Alternative just established a system for branches to raise money for their local Fighting Fund and the national organization, branches should make plans to establish regular fundraisers. Establishing a stock of socialist literature from used bookstores is a great way for every branch to raise money and educate people at the same time.

Please send checks payable to Socialist Alternative to
PO Box 45343
Seattle, WA 98145