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New Turns In The ILWU’s Year-Long Contract Fight

At the beginning of June, West Coast ports were shaken by a series of...

The 1946 Oakland General Strike

In memory of Jeremy Prickett, lifelong socialist, machinist, and comrade whose research was the...

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Rebuilding A Fighting Labor Movement: Why the Working Class is Central to Socialism

Figuring out a strategy to change the world requires that we must go deeper in our understanding of inequality, class, and power in society.

A Rage in Baltimore: The Aftermath of Freddie Gray’s Death

On April 26, the first black president, Barack Obama, engaged in frivolous banter with corporate media hounds while Baltimore exploded in rage against the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of the police.

Port Settlement Reached, ILWU Wins Demands, But Questions About the Future Remain

On February 20, the ILWU reached a tentative agreement for a new 5-year contract...

Oil Workers Strike Across Country for Worker and Community Safety

"Our local union has lost 14 members in 16 years. Quite frankly, we’re tired of our coworkers being killed and being subjected to this risk." - Steve Garey, President of Local 12-591

Workers Have the Power to Win: Tensions Build on West Coast Ports

Truck drivers at the Port of Los Angeles walked out on strike on November...

Strike Shuts Down Terminals in Largest U.S. Port

LA Truckers Taking a Stand against Spiraling Wage Theft Some bosses think they can just keep...

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