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Haitian Refugees Brutalized at the Border

Social media was rocked recently by horrific images of Customs and Border Patrol agents...

Trump Prepares Mass Deportations: We Must Resist, March, Blockade, and Strike!

Just weeks into his inauguration, Trump’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency carried out...

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Defend Immigrant Communities

Trump Threatens Mass Deportations January 26 - Donald Trump is moving rapidly to fulfill many...

Defeat the Attacks of the Right – Full Rights for Immigrants

The fate of millions of undocumented workers for whom the threat of deportation had been lifted by President Obama’s executive order last November now rests with a three-judge panel in New Orleans.

May Day Victory in Court Case on $15 Minimum Wage

Socialist Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant and 2 other wage activists, charged with disorderly conduct, had their case thrown out today after a Seatac judge found the evidence uncompelling.

Deportation Threat for 5 Million Lifted “Temporarily”

También en español A Partial Victory President Barack Obama recently announced plans to change U.S. immigration...

Crisis at the Border – The Displacement of a Generation

The Obama Administration has revealed a plan to spend $3.7 billion to curb the...

A New Revolt is Coming!

Working people in the US are fed up. After six years of mass unemployment and collosal cuts in education and social programs, we are told a "recovery" is under way.

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