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Lessons from the British Anti-Austerity Movement

Mass protests against Donald Trump in the US have revived many questions around building...

Britain: Socialism is Back!

Socialist ideas have been developed over centuries in the course of humanity’s fight for a better life. Today they remain the only viable alternative in an increasingly unstable and brutal, capitalist world.

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Paul Murphy and 22 Irish Activists To Be Charged Over Peaceful Protest

Socialist MP to be charged with false imprisonment for protesting against water charges Socialist Party...

Corbyn Challenge in Britain — A Very Welcome Political Upheaval

As the Labour Party prepares to send out ballots for its leadership contest, The Socialist asked Judy Beishon some questions on the Socialist Party’s view of Jeremy Corbyn’s challenge so far.

Mass Non-Payment Campaign Transforms Irish Political Landscape

57% refuse to pay hated water charge Cillian Gillespie, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) In the...

“The Working Class Showed it Will Return to Struggle”: Interview with a Greek Socialist

After Syriza capitulates, taking first steps towards building a new mass Left alternative to...

Corbyn’s British Labour Party Leadership Bid Shows Anti-Austerity Message Popular

Militant Tendency held up as bogeyman by Labour right and media - What’s the...

Troika Threatens Greeks Ahead of Referendum

Events in Greece have thrown the entire Eurozone into crisis and threaten its very existence. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called a referendum for 5 July proposing a ‘No’ vote on the demands of the EU creditors

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