Bibliography of the Most Important Books Referred to

These are not reading lists (which are at the end of each part) but are the sources used by the author (to which page numbers refer). Titled known to be available in newer editions, sometimes under different publishers are marked *, while some that are out of print should be obtainable through a good public library.

Part One

The Bolshevik Revolution 1917-23, EH Carr. Pelican Books 1966 *

The Bolsheviks in Power AF Ilyin-Zhenevsky. New Park

Ten Days that Shook the World, J Reed. Penguin 1977 *

From Lenin to Stalin, V Serge. Pioneer 1937 *

History of the Russian Revolution, L Trotsky. Sphere 1967 *

My Life, L Trotsky. Penguin 1975 *

Part Two

The Interregnum 1923-1924, EH Carr. Pelican *

The Communist International 1919-1943 – Documents, J Degras. London 1956

The Rise and Fall of the Communist International, E Grant. Militant 1985

The State and Revolution, VI Lenin. Peking 1976

Bureaucratism or Workers’ Power?, R Silverman and E Grant. Militant 1982

Terrorism and Communism, L Trotsky. New Park 1975

The New Course, L Trotsky. New Park 1956 *

The Revolution Betrayed, L Trotsky. New Park 1967 *

The Third International After Lenin, L Trotsky. New Park 1974

Lenin and Trotsky: What they Really Stood for, A Woods and E Grant. International Publishers Columbo 1972 *

Documents of the 1923 Opposition. New Park 1975

Part Three

Socialism in One Country, EH Carr. Pelican 1970 *

The German Ideology in Selected Works Vol 1, K Marx and F Engels. Moscow 1969

The Permanent Revolution and Results and Prospects, L Trotsky. New Park 1962 *

Part Four

Stalin, I Deutscher. Penguin 1966

The Platform of the Joint Opposition (1927), L Trotsky. New Park 1973

The Moscow Trials: An Anthology. New Park 1967