Socialist Alternative Calls For

  • Black Lives Matter! Build a mass movement against police brutality, the institutional racism of the criminal justice system and economic inequality.
  • An end to the racist War on Drugs. Release from jail and strike clean the criminal records, including reinstatement of voting rights, of all those arrested for minor, nonviolent drug offenses. Ban private prisons.
  • End the racist “broken windows” policing and “stop and frisk” programs. Demilitarize the police and law enforcement. End all forms of racial profiling by police and all government agencies. Remove police from schools. Abolish the racist death penalty!
  • For democratically elected community oversight boards with full powers over the police, including department policies and procedures.
    Prosecute killer cops! End the system of closed grand juries. For fully independent investigations, with subpoena powers, in all cases of police killings. No tolerance for police and other law enforcement officers who openly espouse racist or white supremacist ideas.
  • Money for jobs and education, not incarceration! Invest in rehabilitation, job-training, living-wage jobs, and free higher education for all. A massive federal and state investment in public education, housing, transit, healthcare, and social services paid for by taxes on the rich and corporations. Fully fund social services, including full access to mental health services.
  • An end to poverty! Raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour; jobs for all unemployed workers through public works projects.
  • Stop the gentrification and the destruction of our communities by for-profit developers. Fund social workers, youth, and community centers to strengthen the solidarity and social bonds in our neighborhoods.
  • Break with corporate politics: the black working class and the working class as a whole needs independent political representation and a new party of the 99%.
  • “You can’t have capitalism without racism”; for an egalitarian, democratic socialist society based on public ownership of the 500 top corporations where the legacy of slavery and institutional racism can be buried once and for all.