Teamster Rebellion by Farrell Dobbs, Pathfinder Press. This book, along with Teamster Power are essential reading for all Teamsters who want to see how the Minneapolis Teamsters built Local 574 in 1934 through mass strikes.

Teamster Power by Farrell Dobbs, Pathfinder Press. Every Teamster should read this book. It documents the strong trade union principles upon which the Minneapolis Teamsters built Local 574 and then 544, and how they organized the over-the-road organizing drive.

Teamster Politics by Farrell Dobbs, Pathfinder Press. It describes how the Minneapolis Teamsters continued their struggle to build the union through 1939.

Teamster Bureaucracy by Farrell Dobbs, Pathfinder Press. It describes how the Minneapolis Teamsters fought to defend the union against attacks from the union leadership and the government.

Labor’s Giant Step by Art Preis, Pathfinder Press. This excellent book documents the explosive rise of the Congress of Industrial Organization (CIO) in the 1930s and how it changed history. It also clearly documents the role of the Democratic Party as an enemy of labor, as well as the rank and file struggles to build a Labor Party.

Rank and File Rebellion by Dan LaBotz, Verso. It documents the rise of union opposition in the Teamsters and the history of TDU. Despite its lack of a program, the book demonstrates the continual sacrifice of the rank and file to change the union and the role of TDU in organizing this opposition in the last two decades.

The Autobiography of Big Bill Haywood, International Publishers. This book documents the life of Big Bill Haywood as leader of the Western Federation of Miners and the Industrial Workers of the World.

Strike! by Jeremy Brecher, South End Press. The book describes the explosive history of the struggles of American labor. Despite its anarcho-syndicalist slant, it documents the enormous power of the rank and file.

Hoffa and the Teamsters by Ralph and Estelle James, D. Van Nostrand Company. This book, which is out of print, gives the best description of Jimmy Hoffa and the role he played in the Teamsters. It can be found in many public libraries.

The Living Thoughts of Karl Marx by Leon Trotsky. This pamphlet, which is out of print, gives a crushing refutation of the arguments that capitalism has solved its problems and argues for a socialist solution.

Facing the Challenge of the ’90s, a Labor Militant Publication by Sean Herron. This pamphlet describes the enormous crisis facing US and world capitalism. It shows the enormous potential power of the labor movement and draws the perspective and program necessary for labor to meet the challenges of the next decade.