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Conor Payne

The End of Growth? The Capitalist Economy & Ecological Crisis

The question of economic growth and its relation to the climate crisis is a subject of increasing discussion. Here we offer a Marxist view...

Transphobia and the Left: Bogus Science and Bogus Marxism

The question of fighting Transphobia, like all forms of oppression, is a crucial part in the struggle to end the rule of capitalism by...

Book Review: Kill All Normies by Angela Nagle

Kill All Normies Online culture wars from 4chan & Tumblr to Trump & the alt-right By Angela Nagle Published by Zero Books, 2017 Reviewed by Conor Payne Originally published...

Massive ‘Yes’ to Irish Marriage Equality Referendum

The 'Yes' vote to the Marriage Equality referendum represented a huge vote in support of equality for LGBTQ people and in support of progress and social change.