Petition: We Won’t Die for Wall Street. Tax Billionaires to Fund Coronavirus Relief!


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We need funding for emergency medical services to save lives! Congress should bail out working people and the vulnerable, not billionaire hoarders. In the richest nation in the history of the world, the resources are there to address the COVID-19 crisis, but the billionaire class and the politicians that serve them care about their corporate profits, not our lives.To: Members of Congress
We, the undersigned, demand:

01 // Non-essential work must remain closed, in accordance with scientific guidelines. All workers to be paid full wages if they lose their job due to the pandemic or the recession, including gig economy workers falsely classified as “independent contractors” as well as part-time workers.

02 // All working-class, poor and vulnerable people without paid work should be eligible for monthly federal payments equivalent to a living wage.

03 // Tax big business and billionaires to fund free mass testing and treatment, hazard pay, and free protective equipment and childcare for all essential and front-line workers. Fund the expansion of medical training and vaccine research.

04 // Rapidly re-tool industry to manufacture increased medical supplies such as gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, and lifesaving equipment including ventilator and respirator valves. Any corporations looking to exploit this crisis for profiteering should be brought into public ownership under democratic control of workers and the wider community.

*Petition initiated by Socialist Alternative*

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