Kshama Sawant on the Ballot for Seattle City Council


Dear Friend,

Because of the help from supporters like you, we succeeded in qualifying Kshama Sawant to be on the ballot for Seattle City Council by turning in over 2,400 signatures, more than double the number of signatures required!

Kshama Sawant is the only Seattle candidate who collected signatures to qualify for the ballot. All the other city council candidates paid the expensive filing fee of $1,175 in lieu of collecting signatures. Our signatures were collected overwhelmingly by dedicated unpaid volunteers, which reflects the popular support for our message and our campaign’s unparalleled grassroots volunteer base!

The next step for the campaign is to spread out into Seattle neighborhoods to door knock and build more support throughout the community. This will require printing hundreds of thousands of brochures and yardsigns. Please support this crucial phase of the campaign by making a personally meaningful contribution. Your continued support will allow us to reach more people, letting them know that they have the opportunity to vote for a candidate standing on a platform that puts the needs of working people, youth, and the elderly first.

We do not accept corrupting corporate donations like our opponent Richard Conlin. So our campaign relies on the financial support of ordinary working people and young people who are passionate about effecting real change. We have a target of raising $50,000 in order to mount a serious challenge to corporate control of City Hall. Please donate today.

And sign up to volunteer for the campaign and join the fight to have a voice for the 99% on the Seattle City Council!

For additional updates about the Kshama Sawant Campaign, sign up online.

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