Green Party endorses Ty Moore, Socialist Alternative candidate for Minneapolis City Council Ward 9


On Feb. 17th, the 5th Congressional District Green Party voted to endorse Ty Moore, a Socialist Alternative candidate running for Minneapolis City Council in Ward 9. This endorsement is an important step in building a broader left-wing challenge to Democratic Party control of Minneapolis, and giving political expression to movements fighting for social justice.

Dave Bicking, who received 27% of the vote in 2009 as the Green Party’s Ward 9 City Council candidate, said: “The Green Party has enthusiastically endorsed Ty Moore because we know he will boldly challenge the power of the 1% in Minneapolis city government. Ward 9 needs a representative who will challenge the DFL’s passivity in the face of foreclosures, homelessness, police misconduct, stadium subsidies, and much more.”

“Our city is governed by a one-party political machine whose loyalty lies with the big developers, the big banks, and the big corporations who fund them.” said Ty Moore. He continued “Our campaign aims to popularize socialist policies that can provide real relief for millions, like public ownership of the utilities, a moratorium on foreclosures, legalization for all immigrant families.”

Socialist Alternative is standing three candidates in city council elections this year: Ty Moore in Minneapolis,Seamus Whelan in Boston, and Kshama Sawant in Seattle who recently received 29% of the vote in an election against Frank Chopp, Speaker of the Washington State House. These campaigns highlight the need for social-movement based, working class electoral challenges to the two parties of big business.

Please join us Saturday, March 9th, 7:00pm at May Day Cafe for Ty Moore for City Council’s Campaign Kickoff. Let’s move forward together with this campaign to challenge the 1% that runs Minneapolis.