The King County Superior Court has just ruled in favor of the Kshama Sawant campaign in our legal fight to have our party preference, Socialist Alternative, printed on the ballot for the general election.

This ruling represents a victory for the democratic rights of both candidates and voters and is especially significant given the history of grassroots campaigns being largely shut out of the U.S. political process.

“This is not only a victory for our campaign, but also for the rights of the state’s voters for full disclosure on the ballot. It is a small but significant step in the right direction,” said Philip Locker, the campaign’s political director. “It is also a testament to the strong support we received from the community,” he added.

Sawant is running against Democratic Party incumbent and House Speaker Frank Chopp, who himself also sent a public letter to the Secretary of State in support of Sawant’s right to have her party preference on the ballot.

“We commend Mr. Chopp for speaking in favor of basic democratic rights. Now that the court case has been resolved in our favor, we can focus on the crucial questions our campaign is about. We are challenging Chopp on the massive cuts to education and social services that have been carried out by the Democratic Party with himself at the helm. Our campaign is calling for big business and the super-wealthy to be taxed to fully fund education and health care,” said Sawant.

The campaign is calling on Chopp to agree to a series of public debates with Sawant between now and November.

How You Can Support our Campaign:

1) Like our Facebook page:

2) Donate on-line at:
We need YOUR support to pay our legal bills. Access to the courts and justice is not free in this society. Our legal costs represent a big burden on our grassroots campaign, and we are relying on you, our supporters, to donate.

We now have a major opportunity to put a real scare into Frank Chopp and stir up a debate on the need to break from the Democratic Party throughout Washington. But we can only do it with YOUR support. Please donate as much as you can, but even small contributions allow us to purchase signs, campaign materials, mailings, and to organize events.

3) Volunteer
We are running a 100% grassroots, working-class campaign. We rely on ordinary people contributing their time and energy to build our campaign. We need you to get involved! There are many things that we need help with, so you can definitely pick a task that works for you! Sign up at

4) Endorse our candidate
Invite the candidate and/or a campaign representative to talk with your organization about endorsing.  Please also contact us if you want to personally endorse as an individual.  Include exactly how you want to be listed, for example, as “John Gallup, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587 member.”

5) Get organized – Join Socialist Alternative!
We have weekly activist meetings, events, and education programs to help understand the key lessons of past movements, revolutions, and how to change society.

For more information or to get involved in the Sawant campaign and/or Socialist Alternative:
(206) 486-0099

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