CWI News and Reports – Over 350 Attend International CWI Summer School


For a week in July, over 350 workers and youth from 23 different countries gathered in Ghent, Belgium for the annual CWI summer school. There were CWI members from throughout Europe and all over the globe, including Brazil, Lebanon, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Quebec, and Australia.

The first discussions focused on developments in the world economic crisis and the socialist alternative. There was also another plenary discussion on the situation in Europe.

Some of the highlights were the recent industrial struggles in England and Whales and the role the Socialist Party played, and the electoral victories of CWI Ireland, most notably the election of Joe Higgins to the European parliament, the first Member of European Parliament for the CWI.

There were sessions on South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, and discussions on the transitional program, the united front tactic, fighting racism and the far right, the situation in U.S. under Obama, and several other topics as well.

In addition to the formal discussions, CWI members from all over benefit from the face-to-face contact and the informal exchange of ideas and experiences from different countries. The international experience gained at the school is indispensable, and everyone who is able should try to save up for next year’s CWI summer school.