The domino-like tumbling of financial institutions around the globe has recently underlined the global nature of capitalism’s crisis. Therefore, as socialists we fight it on a global basis.

December 12 saw a general strike “against the economic crisis” in Italy, where Lotta (CWI Italy) intervened. The strike forced the government to make a partial retreat on its education reforms. Attacks on education also led to major demonstrations in France and Ireland, where our sister organizations Gauche Révolutionnaire and the Socialist Party intervened.

All these took inspiration from the youth revolt in Greece, where the CWI section Xekinima continues to play a leading role organizing the protests and school occupations (see interview on p. 14).

In Kazakhstan, Ainur Kurmanov, a leading member of Socialist Resistance (CWI Kazakhstan), was put under house arrest for 15 days after helping to organize a peaceful protest of people whose savings had been lost and whose mortgages had been canceled as a result of the deepening economic crisis there.

Israeli Socialists Protest Gaza Assault

CWI members across the globe, from Boston to Melbourne, have been demonstrating against Israel’s attack on Gaza. But most importantly, the members of Tnu`at Maavak Sotzyalisti/Harakat Nidal Eshteraki (Socialist Struggle Movement) in Israel have been organizing and taking part in demonstrations against a background of brutal anti-democratic moves by the regime to silence opposition to the war. These have included threats by the secret services and mass arrests, mainly of Israeli-Palestinians.

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