Raising Fighting Fund


With no corporate sponsors, we have to take seriously fundraising for our Fighting Fund to raise the necessary resources for our campaigns. Currently, we are campaigning to rebuild the anti-war movement through events like the March 20 protests, mobilizing for the April 25 demonstrations to defend abortion rights, unionizing Pizza Hut, and supporting the Nader campaign. We need resources to print tens of thousands of flyers, anti-occupation and abortion rights stickers, pamphlets, and many other things. We also need to raise funds to help send Socialist Alternative members to the July CWI socialist summer school in Belgium.

At our weekly paper sales, branches have achieved tremendous results by approaching people with sign-up sheets for our “Bring the Troops Home” or abortion rights campaigns. Make sure to ask everyone who signs up to make a donation towards the campaign – anything from pocket change to $5, $20, or more. If people donate $1 or more to our campaign, we give them a newspaper, and this way we still cover our paper printing costs. Another key way to raise Fighting Fund is offering everybody our anti-war or abortion rights stickers for any donation.

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