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Tory Infighting Rages: Drive Them All From Power!

Originally published July 7, 2022, by Socialist Alternative EWS - the England, Wales, and...

Britain: Vicious Tories Win With Lies – But Mass Struggle Looms on Horizon

The Conservative victory at the general election is a major setback for the working...

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Brexit Negotiations in Crisis

Mobilize to Kick Out the Tories! For a Socialist Alternative to the EU Adapted version of...

Corbyn’s Revolt: Five Lessons for the U.S. Resistance

Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing leader of the British Labour Party who is often compared...

Britain’s Earthquake Election: Consolidating the Corbyn Revolution

In April Theresa May called a snap general election with the Tories 20 points...

After the Brexit Referendum: Tories Out! General Election Now

Fight for a 24-Hour General Strike Originally published by the Socialist Party of England and...

Britain: Socialism is Back!

Socialist ideas have been developed over centuries in the course of humanity’s fight for a better life. Today they remain the only viable alternative in an increasingly unstable and brutal, capitalist world.

Britain: Left Labour leader Corbyn under attack

Labour is now effectively two parties in one, a scenario that cannot last indefinitely. As the Socialist has argued in previous editorials, a new formation that acts in working class interests can be created out of the present fluid situation.

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