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How Capitalism Oppresses Women

What does it mean to be a working class woman? It’s fighting to survive...

Seeds of Capitalist Destruction in Mad Max

Mad Max: Fury Road takes place in a post-apocalyptic patriarchal world starved for water, petroleum and bullets, weaving science fiction thrills out of today's struggles against the injustices of capitalism.

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Deep-rooted oppression: A review of India’s Daughter, by Leslee Udwin

In spite of all the important steps forward, there remains widespread oppression of women across the globe. This can be seen at its most extreme in societies where women are categorised as second class, and at times the underclass, as with Dalit-caste women.

Savage Portrayal of Politics: House of Cards — Season 3 Review

The show’s cynicism and resonance reflect the American public's dashed hopes, the current economic turmoil, a deep mistrust in the political system, and a groundswell of social protest since Occupy.

Socialism and the Fight for Women’s Liberation

Today’s women’s movement stands on the shoulders of countless women who fought against oppression...

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