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We Can Stop Trump’s Sexist Agenda in its Tracks

Despite Trump’s platform for hateful ideas, fierce movements of working class women are on the horizon. Through a united mass struggle, we can push back Trump’s agenda.

Thanksgiving Letter to Obama from Kshama Sawant

Today, as millions of people in the U.S. celebrate Thanksgiving in the warmth of their family homes, the courageous indigenous Americans standing up against the Dakota Access pipeline face continued violent crackdowns on the freezing plains of North Dakota.

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Time for Bernie to Launch a New Party for the 99%

We Have a Historic Opportunity to Build a Left Alternative - If We Seize...

The (un)Democratic Primary: Why We Need a New Party of the 99%

We are entering what is possibly the most favorable moment in U.S. history to launch a new left party.

Video: Socialist Kshama Sawant Speaks at Bernie Sanders’ Mass Rally

Socialist Kshama Sawant spoke to one of Bernie Sander’s biggest rallies to date on...

Sanders Needs to Run as an Independent in November

The massive support for Bernie Sanders' political revolution has turned the Democratic primary into...

#March4Bernie in New York City

New York City's #March4Bernie saw 1,500 to 2,000 people energetically marching for a new type of politics.

Iowa Results Reveal Crisis of Establishment Politics

Iowa Democrats and Republicans went to the caucuses yesterday and rejected the establishment’s picks.

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